Xtreme Intense Championship Wrestling

Next show. Sunday January 5th.

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Warrior Rampage 2

warrior rampage 2

Saturday August 17th. 6 PM. Come be part of what will be a new and exciting type of event for XICW as the most fan interactive promotion in Michigan takes this large scale event to the next level. Midwest Championship Mm3(c) with Johnny Delicious vs Eddie Kingston Xtreme Intense Championship NO HOLDS BARRED Dre Jacobs(c) With Johnny Delicious vs Old Timer Jeff King United States Championship Kongo Kong(c) vs Shogun Jackson Stone XICW Tag Team Championship Fun Lovin’ Criminals (c)Read More …

Major Announcement.

major announcement

XICW and Midwest Championship Wrestling bringing back pro wrestling to The Lincoln Park Community Center after almost 20 years!!! L.P.C.C. was the home of The Sheik, Sweet Daddy Malcolm Monroe, Midwest Championship Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling. July 15,2000 was the last show held at L.P.C.C. but wrestling returns on Sat Jun 15th, 2019. The history in this bldg speaks for itself. The Shiek last match in the USA was in this bldg against Sweet Daddy Malcolm Monroe. We haveRead More …

“Wrestling With A Vet” Season 6 Official Teams & Order of Selection

proving ground

“OLD TIMER” JEFF KING — known for his many stories of battles with wrestling legends, and his proficiency in a no holds barred environment — went with the monster MONGO JUMAL KYNG moved from being a Rookie in Season 1 to an XICW Veteran this Season, and had his attention caught by another powerful striker with huge potential, TOMMY VENDETTA JOSH RAYMOND brings his years of high-profile wrestling experience back to XICW and in his typical fashion, will be makingRead More …


Those in attendance this past Sunday for XICW Proving Ground Season 5 Episode 6 were in for a treat.  They saw the surprise XICW debut for MADMAN FULTON, otherwise known as former NXT Superstar Sawyer Fulton.  A founding member of the Sanity group, the dread-locked dreadnought Fulton has a 6’8” 300-plus pound frame that immediately draws attention.  His in-ring abilities further lend to intimidation to all others on the roster.Fulton is a former Greco-Roman All-American and a two-time NCAA All-AmericanRead More …


fallout from cobo

The family blood feud between The Monroes reached a violent climax.  The DBA battled his son, MM3, inside the Cage of Xtreme. With barbed wire on top and weapons strapped inside the cage, these former XICW Tag Team Champions put it all on the line to try to teach each other a lesson.  In the end, it was The DBA who came out on top, taking a page out of his son’s own playbook by hitting a “Highland Park Destroyer”Read More …