Best In Detroit Results

best in detroit

Best In Detroit 16
Saturday July 9, 2016

1. Cody Deaner retained The BCW Heavyweight Championship by defeating Caleb Stills in 9:58

2. Joe Coleman defeated Idris Abraham in 6:48 to get 5 minutes with Mark Gjoka. In 28 seconds Gjoka hit Coleman with a fireball and got out of dodge

3. Jaimy Cox Jeff Brooks and Dominique Fabiano defeated The Scarbonis and Scarlett in 13:36

4. Hakim Zane retained The Midwest Heavyweight Championship by defeating Robbie E in 8:13

5. Jake Something defeated Orlando Christopher in 12:36 to become the new #1 contender to Xtreme Intense Championship

6. Malcolm Monroe II and Malcolm Monroe III retained the XICW Tag Team Championship by defeating Kyle Maverick and Aaron Williams (OI4K) in 18:44

7. Gavin Quinn defeated "The Man Beast" Rhino in 9:25

8. Willy Watts retained The XICW Lightweight Championship by defeating Joey Ryan in 10:02