fallout from cobo

The family blood feud between The Monroes reached a violent climax.  The DBA battled his son, MM3, inside the Cage of Xtreme. With barbed wire on top and weapons strapped inside the cage, these former XICW Tag Team Champions put it all on the line to try to teach each other a lesson.  In the end, it was The DBA who came out on top, taking a page out of his son’s own playbook by hitting a “Highland Park Destroyer” and his own signature flaming elbow for the win.

Several champions were crowned on the big stage at Cobo.  The dramatic story of Jaimy Coxxx had a heartfelt and happy outcome, as he made good on his goal of regaining the Midwest Heavyweight Championship, held by Jimmy Jacobs.  The mutual respect between these two was shown in a respectful but hard-hitting match. Earlier this year, Coxxx earned his elusive remaining accomplishment in XICW (winning the Malcolm Monroe Sr. Memorial Cup) which gave him the right to challenge for any title he wanted, and he chose to go after the title which he previously held for 2 years.  Coxxx’s win was celebrated not only by the crowd, but his fellow Fun Lovin’ Criminalz and his wife, Nicole.

The Xtreme Intense Championship changed hands once again, as champion Simon Grimm faced “The War Boy” Dre Jacobs.  Grimm famously beat Dre by submission the prior month at Detroit’s Masonic Temple to take the title, but Dre used his rage (along with a little help from manager Johnny Delicious) as fuel to regain the title in Cobo.  The big win for Dre makes him a 2-time holder of that title, and proved his merit as a threat to even the most accomplished of wrestlers worldwide.

Another big title win was crowd favorite El Ridiculoso winning his first XICW Championship, the Lightweight title.  Ridiculoso has had a tough run in XICW, suffering a nearly 18 month span where he did not win a single match. Despite that, he led his trio team to victory in Season 4 of “Wrestling With A Vet” proving his heart and determination to both fans and judges.  That award led to his drought-ending win in May and he has had momentum ever since. The match itself (a six way scramble) is notoriously tough for anyone to win, but Ridiculoso was able to wisely get a flash pin via backslide while most of the competition was outside the ring.  Notably, he actually pinned the champion, Travis Titan, silencing any doubters. Ridiculoso is undoubtedly a fan favorite, but even his supporters were seen with a look of shock that he was able to pull out the big victory, and it will no doubt be remembered for a long time.

The final crowning was a first-of-its-kind as XICW established their own United States Championship, modeled after the NWA Detroit version made famous in Cobo throughout the 60s and 70s.  The belt was awarded to the man who could outlast over 20 others in a battle royal and defeat the other finalist in a singles match. The battle royal included XICW Alumni, current XICW Warriors, and even a few rookies, but no doubt whoever could survive the harsh environment would be deserving of being champion.  In the end, it was “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin and “Suplex Shogun” Jackson Stone making it to the final two, with Elgin pinning Stone to claim the championship. Elgin’s victory was special for him, considering he debuted in wrestling at age 16 in XICW, and has gone on to build a tremendous resume in professional wrestling.

XICW women’s wrestling got the spotlight once again at Cobo, as the victor from last year’s bout, Mercedes Martinez, took on fellow fan favorite Heidi Katrina.  Mercedes proved that her near 20-year career and recent appearances in both Mae Young Classics have taught her a lot, as she was able to win via submission. However, both graciously showed respect at the end of the day, and proved that both are true XICW Warriors.


More can be seen when Head Drop Productions releases this event on DVD.  You’ll also see the likes of James Ellsworth, The OGz (Homicide & Hernandez), oVe (Dave & Jake Crist), Kongo Kong, and a slew of XICW Alumni & current day favorites who made this event so special.  We’d also like to thank legendary manager & announcer “Supermouth” Dave Drason as well as great midwest wrestler “Outlaw” Bobby Lee for being part of our show in non-wrestling capacities. Plus, of course, our fans who have supported XICW and made us the longest running independent professional wrestling promotion in Michigan’s history!