“Wrestling With A Vet” Season 6 Official Teams & Order of Selection

proving ground
"OLD TIMER" JEFF KING – known for his many stories of battles with wrestling legends, and his proficiency in a no holds barred environment – went with the monster MONGO
JUMAL KYNG moved from being a Rookie in Season 1 to an XICW Veteran this Season, and had his attention caught by another powerful striker with huge potential, TOMMY VENDETTA
JOSH RAYMOND brings his years of high-profile wrestling experience back to XICW and in his typical fashion, will be making wrestling by his own rules. He will be leading a team with cult favorite NOLAN EDWARDS
DRE JACOBS is hoping his 5th Season is finally the one, and he will once again help shape a young hopeful's career as he picked ADAM WICK
JACK PRICE is a tag team specialist, and "The Black Diamond" could truly be a diamond in the rough this Season. His teammate will be someone who could help take the winners' trophies, JACOB BRAWN
AARON ORION is an alpha male and natural born leader. He can take even the most unsuspecting applicant and make them both a winner and utterly dangerous. He will have his work cut out for him, as he chose LIL DICKIE WATTS
"Karate's Bad Boy" LJ LAWRENCE – known in the past as KAMIKAZE – brings his world back to XICW in order to turn it into his personal dojo. He will be the sensei to the cunning DEREK WOLF
The final Veteran will be the judges' WILD CARD PICK and revealed in due time, and they will be partnered with the eccentric KIPP RUDE